Thomas E Dekutoski, Jr. President/owner Kranky Pantz® Inc

Thomas E Dekutoski, Jr. President/owner Kranky Pantz® Inc

My wife went into the hospital for an extended period and overnight I became "Mr. Mom" for our young children.  This was a new concept for myself and I soon learned how hard Mom's job is. 

Let’s try to make it easier...

My youngest son, Tyler was 1 ½ old and the youngest of three.  Lisa, my beautiful Wife, was pregnant with my fourth child and I was just working away at my day job as a builder.  Now in charge of day to day operations, it soon became relevant that a young child's life revolves around eating and sleeping.  My son, Tyler’s was no different.  Along came dinner time and soon I realized that we needed a way to contain the chaos.  So, Daddy went shopping looking to solve our problem. To my surprise, something that seemed so elementary was nonexistent.   There has to be a way to lock a bowl or plate to a tray and then lock that tray to a table.  Tyler, making that move from his highchair to a booster seat was making a big mess.  Off to the garage I go and out I come with my first prototype; a piece of plexiglass the size of a cutting board with a couple of tabs glued in place to catch the. what is now, the base to a plate.  The plate base is essentially an inverted plate glued to the bottom of the same size plate.

Engineering and design flows through my body and this concept for my product flowed right along with it.  I loved what I was doing for a living, but had this product on my mind morning, noon and night.

Away we go and through fate, I was introduced to my alter ego: Jeff Nicoll.  Jeff is the President and Owner of Ambix Manufacturing, Inc., a plastic engineering, design, and manufacturing company.  Jeff had a huge task on his hands, which was dealing with me and my desire to develop the best child dining aid ever; and that’s exactly what we did.    

Fast forward five years, the biggest commitment of my life just took place: deciding to go into production and Oh Boy! Here we come!  I can’t believe we’re here. Over the years, the development has evolved and at times my worst enemy: perfection took control.  Knowing we only have one shot at this, I wanted our product to be perfect.  The mold design is refined and then re-refined again.  No more time and the contracts are signed to build the molds.  Basically, we just committed to a life changing, full court press to bring our new company and its flagship product to life.  And so, Kranky Pantz, Inc. was formed and in our opinion, the most innovative and creative product to hit the child dining experience, The Lock-It Down Diner is born. 

If you don’t have children, you’re missing out on one of the greatest treasures in life.  If you’re not proud to be an American, you have no place living in our beautiful country.  We are going to build a company on those two main values:  bringing high quality and American made products to parents around the world.  All of our products will have to meet three main requirements: they’ll have to be made with the highest quality, be functional and innovative, and American made.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that business model? 

Living in a small town located in Southern Maine, we set in to establish our new company and launch our product into the market.  Our experiences have led us here.  We hope you enjoy and would love your feedback as to your feelings about our product.  We would be honored to have your business.